MPP has a focused, high quality Investment team, with collectively 20 years of real estate experience.
The group has developed and established an exceptional network of property professionals and advisors throughout the target markets in the US.

MPP will co-invest in larger property deals with clients when required, in order to ensure that MPP’s interests are aligned with their clients.
Our current due diligence and risk management checklist runs to more than 60 points which we take into account when assessing a deal. 

Our investment strategies have been especially designed to deliver the highest returns in the shortest timeframes, with the lowest capital and time requirements on the clients’ part. 

MPP offers multiple client investment strategies i.e.: Whether you are looking for a steady stream of income today, strong capital growth over time, or to ‘flip’ and make profits quickly.

MPP will:

- Look after the entire sourcing, purchasing and supervision process.

- Negotiate preferential pricing below market value.

- Find and evaluate the right vendors and international partners for each deal.

- Complete extensive due diligence on each deal and location.

- Produce detailed product and strategy information.

- Create an end-to-end management and supervision process which is as ‘hands-off’ for the client as possible.

- Involve our research, marketing, sales and administration teams as required.

- Support clients through the transaction, to completion of purchase.

- Act as a single point of contact for clients’ queries or any possible concerns.

- Provide contacts for USA bank accounts and introductions to all necessary professionals (tax accountants, attorneys, etc).

- Offer competitive rates for international money transfers.