1. Sourcing
Our team is constantly researching today’s best market areas for investing in real estate. Once we find an area that shows promise, we travel to that area and spend many hours on the ground before performing extensive research and analysing the numbers. Only then, will we add that area to our preferred investment market list. We source properties that have the best development or improvement potential. The process can sometimes take weeks of research using our extensive network of real estate agents, brokers and industry contacts.

2. Assessing
We follow a comprehensive due diligence and a rigorous assessment and selection process for each property. This includes preliminary feasibility studies, market research, resale values in the area and other factors (historical and future market trend analysis) that could impact on profitability. Our complex financial formulas ensure our buying decisions are based on financial facts not opinions or emotions. Regardless of how good a deal seems, if the figures don’t add up, we’ll keep searching. 

3. Acquisition
MPP can assist with securing finance and will also co-invest in property deals with clients when required, in order to ensure that MPP’s interests are aligned with the clients. 

4. Improvements / Rehabbing
MPP properties are purchased with the intention that they will go through an extensive rehabbing/value-adding process that will pass all code inspections.

5. Management
Our aim is to manage the whole project on time and through every stage of the process which includes but is not limited to:
Co-ordination of consultants during the preparation of any development applications.
Preparation of any development applications and submission to the local authority
Liaising / negotiating with the Government bodies regarding development approval issues and final conditions of approval
Liaising with Government bodies, consultants & contractors post approval to ensure all necessary operational works approvals/ permits and construction tenders are obtained where necessary
Commission all works and obtain final clearances for all operational works and services connections.
Securing Fixed Price contracts
Supervise all construction work directly or using licensed supervisors where necessary.